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 Rules for Planetary Pictures ,The Uranian system of astrology   for accurate prediction    

The first time in the history of Uranian Astrology. for Rules for Planetary Pictures  Astrology based on philosophy ,With the computing science in the logical mathematic way. under the principles of classic and original. This has been brought into the complete usage for the development of the program call Ui that consisted the function of being able to find the relativity from the philosophical thoughts of astrology between the equations of the planetary equation and the planetary axis equation, along with the influencing points in 8 harmonic angles. This include the methodology of bringing the equations that were influencing the user to the series of weighting, reasoning, and the probability. Including the display of the planetary structures of the birth destiny, the rove planets that were influencing the user in such formations.

Planetary natal chartUranian Astrology is an Astrology based on philosophy. The initiative of Ui, it was designed for the accessibility that related to the reality, as it happened in the reality, it is according to the philosophy of the sky in order to be able to see the whole complete picture. It is true, that we are unable to calculate with our bare hands or any current available programs in the present of time. Nowadays, apart from the automatic calculations from Ui that continuously calculate in the form of domino rolling in every possible pattern of planetary equations with every possible calculation circle (R, V, T) plus it can also find the connections by using the philosophy of astrology as a foundation of the analytics.  As “R” is the birth destiny and the rest of V and T could be anything like Solar return, Secondary progressions, Winter solstice , Vernal equinox,  Summer solstice , Autumnal equinox , Synodic Return , New moon ,First quarter , Full moon, Last quarter , Crescent moon , Gibbous moon , Disseminating moon, Balsamic moon

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Rules for Planetary Pictures is the pattern of the planetary equations by which is the main mechanism that were used in the calculation function in Ui, as it is compatible to the certain point of calculation or able to scan for the point of equational formulas. These should be completed according to the conditions that were set by the foundation of the structures from the destiny equation. Applying to the rules for planetary pictures, by bringing the 255,552 probabilities in use for the connectors in various patterns like,

Whatever planet that is not related to the sensitive points will not be relevant. Ui will find the relevant parts from the planet 223  *8  =85,184  

– A/B=C/D
– A+B-C =D =(Ab|Ac|Bc)
– A+B-C  และ A+B//C =D
– RVT Relation / [Midpoint]r = [Midpoint]v = [Midpoint]t  the same equation that would connect to Harmonic 8
– RVT Crossing Circles / Jur-Ap- Sut
– Same-As-Picture  / R = V , R = T , R = V = T
– RVT and  Radix Reciprocal (A/B testing) / relational reverse equation and the different circle in the reciprocal format, E.g.
….-MOr = ADt | MOt = ADr
….-[JU+ME]r =SUt  , [JU+ME]t = SUr
….-[NO+AD-SU]r, MCr  = [NO/AD]t  ==  [NO+AD-SU]t = [NO/AD]r
….-[SU+MA]r, MCr  == [SU+MA]v  == [SU+MA]t
….-[SU+NO-NE]r, NOr == [SU+NO-NE]v  == [SU+NO-NE]t

as above so below /bringing the formulas into weighting in the pattern of  SameAsPicture ,Reciprocal , Relation

Ui (Relational Database), is the function that manipulate the massive amount of databases in the most effective and efficient way with database relational system. This could opt the filter option in various ways, as the user can also opt for the specific planet to be displayed as well E.g. the command of And/Or/With/Without in the unlimited repetitions. The main functions of the Ui is that it can display the whole planetary equations, that means it could show us what is going to happen in the future, in every event, and in every possibility completely. This ranged from the very little things on daily bases, to the gigantic event of a lifetime. Including the summary of the equations that may affect the user and track the reporting time by when and how.


P.s. This designing and development of this program is the very significant milestone of mine in the astrological circle. Those who are interested in the trials may contact via

P.s.(II) Those who have the foundation of Uranian Astrology are highly recommended.

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